Jordan D. Tong

Associate Professor, Operations and Information Management

Wisconsin Naming Partners Professor

Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison



Research Interests

  • Behavioral Operations Management: behavioral models, controlled experiments, cognitive judgment biases, forecasting, human-algorithm interactions, healthcare decision-making, service quality perception, decisions under uncertainty

  • Supply Chain Management: supply chain resilience, inventory models, supply chain coordination, payment terms

Published & Accepted Papers

  1. Feiler D, Tong J (2022) From noise to bias: Overconfidence in new product forecasting. Management Science 68(6) 3975-4753. [.pdf] [onlineappx] [data]

  2. Ibrahim R, Kim SH, Tong J (2021) Eliciting human judgment for prediction algorithms. Management Science 67(4) 1993-2656. [.pdf] [onlineappx] [data] [informs video]

  3. DeCroix G, Long X, Tong J (2021) How service quality variability hurts revenue when customers learn: Implications for dynamic personalized pricing. Operations Research 69(3) 683-708. [.pdf]

  4. Kim SH, Tong J, Peden C (2020) Admission control biases in hospital unit capacity management: How occupancy information hurdles and decision noise impact utilization. Management Science 66(11) 4921-5484. [.pdf] [onlineappx] [data]

  5. Batt R, Tong, J (2020) Mean service metrics: Biased quality judgment and the customer-server quality gap. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 22(5) 975-995. [.pdf] [onlineappx]

  6. Tong J, DeCroix G, Song J-S (2020) Modeling payment timing in multiechelon inventory systems with applications to supply chain coordination. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 22(2) 346-363. [.pdf] [onlineappx]

  7. Tong J, Feiler D, Larrick R (2018) A behavioral remedy for the censorship bias. Production & Operations Management. 27(4) 624-643. [.pdf]

  8. Tong J, Feiler D, Ivantsova A (2018) Good choice, bad judgment: How choice under uncertainty generates overoptimism. Psychological Science 29(2) 254–265. [.pdf] [onlineappx]

  9. Tong J, Feiler D (2017) A behavioral model of forecasting: Naive statistics on mental samples. Management Science 63(11) 3609-3627. [.pdf]

  10. Liu F, Song J-S, Tong J (2016) Building supply chain resilience through virtual stockpile pooling. Production & Operations Management 25(10) 1745-1762. [.pdf] [onlineappx]

  11. Huang L, Song J-S, Tong J (2016) Supply chain planning for random demand surges: Reactive capacity and safety stock. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 18(4) 509-524. [.pdf] [onlineappx]

  12. Feiler D, Tong J, Larrick R (2013) Biased judgment in censored environments. Management Science 59(3) 573-591. [.pdf]

  13. Chen L, Kok AG , Tong J (2013) The effect of payment schemes on inventory decisions: The role of mental accounting. Management Science 59(2) 436-451. [.pdf] [onlineappx]

Selected Working Papers

  1. Kim SH, Tong J (2022) Admission control bias and path-dependent feedback under diagnosis uncertainty.

  2. Lin W, Kim SH, Tong J (2022) What drives algorithm use? An empirical analysis of algorithm use in type 1 diabetes self-management.

  3. Davis A, Flicker B, Hyndman K, Katok E, Keppler S, Leider S, Long X, Tong J. (2022) A replication study of operations laboratory experiments published in Management Science.

  4. Balakrishnan M, Ferreira K, Tong J (2022) Improving human-algorithm collaboration: Causes and mitigation of over- and under-adherence.

  5. Manzoor E, Tong J, Vijayaraghavan S, Li R (2022) Expanding knowledge graphs with humans in the loop.

Book Chapter

  1. Davis A, Tong J (2021) Behavioral inventory management. Forthcoming in The Research Handbook on Inventory Management. Edited by Jing-Sheng (Jeannette) Song. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.


Current/Upcoming Courses

  • Modeling & Optimization for Business Analytics (BA730) - Fall 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Fall 2022

  • Operations Analytics (OTM365/453) - Spring 2017, Spring 2018, Spring 2019, Fall 2020, Fall 2021

Previously Taught Courses

  • Introduction to Operations Management (OTM300) - Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016

  • Supply Chain Management (at Duke) - Spring 2011